Youtube Cooperation Program

Pupbeamo Youtube Cooperation Program
Are you a teeth whitening lover?
Do you want teeth whitening product absolutely for FREE?
Are you looking for long term sponsorship?
Then do not hesitate to join our Sponsor Program with simple steps,You may get free teeth whitening products every month!

Your YouTube Channel have over 1,5000 subscribers.

Step1: Read this Policy (Please read this policy before you contact us)

Step2: Publish Promotion Icon( link ) to your Youtube Channel

For Youtuber, please add a link to our home page on your YouTube channel tab “about”-links

Step 3: Submit your inquiry

Please send an email to with your ideal of teeth whitening and the link of you YouTube channel after you finished Step 1.
Our program team will respond you soon. If your inquiry is accepted by us, we would delivery the product you picked.