1. Can I use normal toothpaste to brush my teeth as well?

Yes, you can. Some customers replaced to only use charcoal powder, some use it at night and use normal toothpaste in the morning. If you want to use both together, we recommend using charcoal powder first, then use normal toothpaste, this will helps to get rid of black bits that maybe lefter between your teeth.

2. Will this charcoal powder expire?

Once you open it, the charcoal powder should be used in 6 mouths. In fact, we still use Jars which were opened over a year ago. You can have a look at the consistency, if it is black and powdery, you can still use it. Please do not drop water or other things into the powder, and keep it in cool and dry place.

3. How long should i brush my teeth?

2 Minutes for gently brush, If you wanna extra whitening, leave the powder in your mouth for few minites before rinsing.

4. How often should i use it?

Genernally twice a day, use as often as needed.

5. Can i let my kinds use it?

Our charcoal powder is safe for all ages – including the kids, it is up to the discretion of the parents at what age they start.

6. Can i use it if i have sensitive teeth/gums?

Of course you can, our charcoal powder is no irritation, it is better to use a soft bristle toothbrush.

7. Can i use it if i have braces?

The powder won’t whiten underneath the brace, please wait until the brace come off, then you can see the great results.

8. Can i use it after i have done dental work?

According to the feedback of hundreds of our customers, there is no problem to use this powder, it works great on dental work. It is the safest way to whiten and deeply clean by using our this natural charcoal powder.
If concerned, you can try a little bit first to make sure or check with your dentist.
by the way, the powder have good effect with extrinsic stains on the teeth by food, drink, cigarettes.

9. Can it be used by pregnant women?

100% Natural ingredients powder comparison with regular toothpaste or some whitening product which is full of chemicals, this is the best and safest choice.
If you still worry about this, recommend you consult your health professional.

10. How soon can I see the result?

It’s all different according to different person.
Some can notice the whiten immediately, specially when the teeth discolored.
For others, It is more gradually process, 100% natural and some organic ingredients, do not have bleaching ingredients will not makes teeth whiter than natural teeth.